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When it matters most, Traceable® Digital Thermometers help you measure, monitor, record & remotely record temperatures to meet critical needs—always Traceable®. If you need help finding the perfect Traceable® Thermometer for your environment, call us at 281-482-1714 or e-mail us.

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  1. Wireless Radio-Signal Refrigerator Traceable Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Wireless Radio-Signal Refrigerator Traceable Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Captures temperature data with high-efficiency wireless technology

    • Unit wirelessly reads refrigerator temperatures from 100 feet away, place remote module inside a refrigerator
    • Minimum/maximum memory allows monitoring conditions over any time period, °F/°C switchable
    • Distinctive alarm sounds when temperature rises above or falls below set points
    • Indicator on main unit shows rising/falling temperature trends
    • Readings from up to three remote sensors are sent to main unit via radio signal-433 MHz penetrates refrigerators and walls

    Out of stock

  2. 4770 Traceable Short-Stem Thermometer

    4770 Traceable Short-Stem Thermometer

    Maximum and minumim reading memory with °F Display

    • IP65 water resistant
    • Robust polycarbonate case
    • Maximum and minimum reading memory
    • Stainless steel probe

  3. Memory Traceable Monitoring Thermometer

    Memory Traceable Monitoring Thermometer

    Accurately monitors temperatures in any environment with high and low readings

    $58.00 - $64.00
  4. Dual Traceable Thermometer

    Dual Traceable Thermometer

    Dual-probe thermometer gives accurate readings of two separate areas in refrigerators/freezers

    $40.00 - $66.25
  5. Hi-Accuracy Traceable Thermometer

    Hi-Accuracy Traceable Thermometer

    High accuracy Refrigerator thermometer can monitor two different areas simultaneously

    $91.50 - $146.00
  6. Snap-in Traceable Module with Probe

    Snap-in Traceable Module with Probe

    Panel-mount, practical instrument snaps into place or can be used free-standing

    • Valuable minimum/maximum memory records reading over any time period
    • Easy-read digital display with jumbo digits updates every second to maintain exact test results

  7. Memory Monitoring Plus Traceable Thermometer

    Memory Monitoring Plus Traceable Thermometer

    Digital Thermometer that Monitors high and low readings 24/7

    $64.00 - $87.75
  8. Jumbo Traceable Refrigerator/Freezer Therm.

    Jumbo Traceable Refrigerator/Freezer Therm.

    Jumbo LCD simultaneously shows MIN/MAX and current temperature

    $64.25 - $73.25
  9. Memory Traceable Thermometer

    Memory Traceable Thermometer

    Triple-display thermometer with Time/Date and Min/Max

    $55.00 - $62.75
  10. Pocket Traceable Thermometer

    Pocket Traceable Thermometer

    Light-weight, portable digital thermometer

    $44.00 - $65.50
  11. Big-Digit See-Thru   Traceable Thermometer

    Big-Digit See-Thru Traceable Thermometer

    Jumbo, see-thru display automatically clears and updates MIN/MAX readings daily

    $28.00 - $28.00
  12. Flip-Stick  Traceable Thermometer

    Flip-Stick Traceable Thermometer

    Multipurpose, fold-out design makes taking probe readings in any position a snap

    $30.50 - $58.25
  13. Water-Resistant Traceable Thermometer

    Water-Resistant Traceable Thermometer

    Water-Resistant case, cable, and stainless-steel probe monitors temperatures in any wet area

    $50.00 - $57.00
  14. Type K Waterproof Traceable Thermometer

    Type K Waterproof Traceable Thermometer

    Rubber boot covers thermocouple to maintain waterproof integrity with thermocouple attached

    • MIN/MAX key rapidly recalls highest and lowest temperature reading achieved
    • Unique differential feature shows the difference in temperature from a set point
    • Back-lighting key (BKLT) allows for reading in dark areas, large-digit display is readable from 10 feet away
    • Probe range (supplied with unit): –40 to 250°C continuous or 300°C short-term; uses all Type-K thermocouples

  15. Memory Wide-Range Traceable Thermometer

    Memory Wide-Range Traceable Thermometer

    High accuracy, wide range Type-K thermometer

    • Triple purpose probe may be used to measure temperature of liquids, gases and semi-solids
    • Computer output allows thermometer to be connected to a computer or data logger for capturing and storing readings
    • Count-up timer provides a relative time measurement while taking temperatures and recording MIN/MAX readings
    • °F/°C switchable
    • Probe range (supplied with unit) -50 to 700°C, 6¼" stem, 0.13" dia, 40" cable; meter accepts any Type-J, K or T probe

  16. Total-Range Traceable Thermometer

    Total-Range Traceable Thermometer

    Water-resistant design is perfect for use in lab or plant's worst environment

    • Unit can recall minimum and maximum temperature readings captured during any time; updates display twice a second
    • HI/LO Alarm: indicates when temperature rises above or falls below high/low set points, 1° increments
    • °F/°C switchable
    • Timer feature displays duration of temperature conditions and time tests; capacity: 23 hours 59 minutes to 1 minute; resolution: 1 second
    • Probe range (supplied with unit) –40 to 250°C continuous or 300°C short-term; accepts all Type-K thermocouples

  17. Digital Traceable Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Digital Traceable Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Suggested Alternative

    • Countdown timer, programmable Hi/Lo alarms, MIN/MAX memory, °F/°C switchable
    • High/low alarms may be programmed in 1° increments, alarm mode may be switched off when not required
    • Unit features a countdown timer for 99 hours, 59 minutes to 1 minute and may be set in 1-minute intervals

    Out of stock

  18. Printing Traceable Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Printing Traceable Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Built-in printer provides permanent record with time-and-date-stamp

    • Prints time and date for Max only, Min only, average only, and in circularly mode T1, T2 and differential, printing programs in intervals of 3 secs to 23h 59m 59s
    • MIN,MAX or average temperature readings may be displayed or cleared at any time with the touch of a key
    • Alarm feature may be set in 0.1 increments and will sound when temperature rises above or falls below set point
    • Dual probe inputs allow displaying temperature of probe 1, probe 2, or difference (delta) of probe 1 and 2 (accepts Type J, K, T, or E probe), °F/°C switchable

    Out of stock

  19. Radio-Signal Traceable Remote Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Radio-Signal Traceable Remote Thermometer *DISCONTINUED*

    Monitor up to 3 different remotes at same time from up to 100 feet away

    • Main unit can receive and display data from up to three different remote modules, modules may be set to channel 1, 2 or 3
    • Displays trend indicator shows whether temperature is rising or falling
    • MIN/MAX memory allows monitoring conditions over short or long periods
    • Alarm sounds when temperature rises above/alls below two set points, may be programmed in 1° increments
    • External sensor and 10-foot cable perform accurately even when both are underwater

    Out of stock

  20. Big-Digit Memory Traceable Thermometer

    Big-Digit Memory Traceable Thermometer

    View ambient and probe temperatures from 25 feet

    • Dual display permits reading ambient and probe temperatures simultaneously, °F/°C switchable
    • HI/LO Alarms and MIN/MAX memory readings may be displayed and reset at the touch of a key
    • Cable and sensor perform accurately when underwater, always-on instrument reads temperature constantly

  21. Food HACCP Traceable Thermometer

    Food HACCP Traceable Thermometer

    Versatile, no-touch infrared and piercing probe combo create perfect HACCP thermometer

    • Designed specifically as a HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) thermometer for food safety
    • LED's indicate the HAACP zones: green light under 4°C (40°F), green light over 60°C (140°F) and red danger light between 4 to 60°C (40 to 140°F)
    • Display shows current temperature, MIN/MAX temperature, low battery and emissivity value for infrared
    • Water-Resistant case and unique membrane keys resist splashes/spills
    • Infrared emissivity: 0.95 default; adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
    • Field of view: 2.5:1

  22. Memory/Water-Resistant Traceable Thermometer

    Memory/Water-Resistant Traceable Thermometer

    Amazing super-memory multi-tasker captures, stores and recalls 10 temperature readings

    • Broad temperature range and extra-high accuracy solve 99% of most lab/field data collecting needs
    • Records minimum and maximum memory readings over any time period, °F/°C switchable

  23. Noncontact Traceable Temperature Indicator *DISCONTINUED*

    Noncontact Traceable Temperature Indicator *DISCONTINUED*

    Internal laser target guide and Type-K compatibility make this infrared gun a 2-for-1 lab powerhouse

    • Great for use in food preparation, clean rooms, electronics-where accuracy is imperative
    • Emissivity is adjustable from 0.20 to 1.00
    • HOLD functions allows time for user to record temperature readings, °F/°C switchable
    • Memory function stores MIN/MAX readings

    Out of stock

  24. Hi-Accuracy Dual Traceable Thermometer

    Hi-Accuracy Dual Traceable Thermometer

    Dual-probe unit provides exact results for critical requirements, quality control, routine readings

    $118.00 - $146.75
  25. Kangaroo   Traceable Thermometer

    Kangaroo Traceable Thermometer

    Pocket-size thermometer features handy cable storage and probe brackets for portability

    • Precision memory feature automatically captures and recalls minimum/maximum temperature readings over any time period, °F/°C switchable
    • Efficient alarm continues to sound every minute until temperature returns to non-alarm conditions

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