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When it matters most, Traceable® Digital Thermometers help you measure, monitor, record & remotely record temperatures to meet critical needs—always Traceable®. If you need help finding the perfect Traceable® Thermometer for your environment, call us at 281-482-1714 or e-mail us.

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  1. Moisture Traceable Meter

    Moisture Traceable Meter

    Displays moisture content of material, wood/wood product, soil and paper

    • Recalls highest, lowest and average readings at the touch of a button
    • Meter’s memory contains nine types of materials with their calibrations
    • Provides automatic and manual temperature compensation
    • Establishes reference moisture readings

  2. Dissolved Traceable Oxygen Meter

    Dissolved Traceable Oxygen Meter

    Measures dissolved oxygen to 100% air saturation

    • Compact design
    • Easy-to-use, MIN/MAX readings

  3. Dissolved Oxygen Traceable® Meter

    Dissolved Oxygen Traceable® Meter

    Easy-to-use meter simultaneously displays oxygen concentration and temperature

    • Instrument recalls highest, lowest and average readings at the touch of a button
    • Output for exporting data
    • Computer output allows connection to a computer or data logger for monitoring and keeping results

  4. Hot Wire Traceable Anemometer/Thermometer

    Hot Wire Traceable Anemometer/Thermometer

    Great precision—even at low air velocities

    • Handy telescopic probe—expandable from 9½" to three feet—is ideal for hard-to-reach areas
    • No-moving-parts anemometer eliminates friction errors—perfect for any environmental test
    • Output capability allows unit to be connected to a computer or data logger to monitor/store results

  5. 4331 Traceable Anemometer/Thermometer

    4331 Traceable Anemometer/Thermometer

    Double-duty anemometer simultaneously displays air velocity and temperature

    • Easy-to-operate anemometer is ideal for use in hoods or outdoors
    • MEMORY key allows for recalling highest/lowest readings achieved and HOLD freezes display to record test results
    • Unit has computer output capabilities

  6. 4332 Enviro-Meter

    4332 Enviro-Meter

    Four-in-one lab champion

    • Lightweight, hand-held workhorse: anemometer, humidity meter, light meter, and 2 thermometers, °F/°C switchable
    • HOLD key freezes display, MIN/MAX feature displays highest and lowest reading over any time period

  7. 4335 Traceable Sound Level Meter

    4335 Traceable Sound Level Meter

    Three decibel ranges for greater precision

    • Response time can be adjusted by user to fast (0.2 seconds) or slow (1.5 seconds)
    • Memory date-hold function stores highest readings achieved for later display
    • Fulfills OSHA requirements for sound monitoring
    • Recorder jack for capturing AC and DC 10 mV/dB data
    • Provides weightings for both A (frequencies from 500 to 10 kilohertz) and C (frequencies from 30 to 10 kilohertz) to meet IEC 651 Type-2 standards

  8. 4351  Key-Chain Traceable Thermometer

    4351 Key-Chain Traceable Thermometer

    Use-anywhere pocket thermometer with wide-range capacity

    • Fast, one-second response makes it ideal for measuring ambient air temperatures
    • One-inch stainless steel probe is designed for penetration of semisolids and liquid measurements

  9. Food HACCP Traceable Thermometer

    Food HACCP Traceable Thermometer

    Versatile, no-touch infrared and piercing probe combo create perfect HACCP thermometer

    • Designed specifically as a HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) thermometer for food safety
    • LED's indicate the HAACP zones: green light under 4°C (40°F), green light over 60°C (140°F) and red danger light between 4 to 60°C (40 to 140°F)
    • Display shows current temperature, MIN/MAX temperature, low battery and emissivity value for infrared
    • Water-Resistant case and unique membrane keys resist splashes/spills
    • Infrared emissivity: 0.95 default; adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
    • Field of view: 2.5:1

  10. Memory/Water-Resistant Traceable Thermometer

    Memory/Water-Resistant Traceable Thermometer

    Amazing super-memory multi-tasker captures, stores and recalls 10 temperature readings

    • Broad temperature range and extra-high accuracy solve 99% of most lab/field data collecting needs
    • Records minimum and maximum memory readings over any time period, °F/°C switchable

  11. Jumbo-Display Traceable Dial Thermometer

    Jumbo-Display Traceable Dial Thermometer

    Stainless-steel probe is perfect for viscous solutions

    • Piercing tip makes it perfect for measuring temperatures of semisolids, °F/ °C switchable
    • On/off switch provides longer battery life

  12. *DISCONTINUED* Noncontact Traceable Temperature Indicator

    *DISCONTINUED* Noncontact Traceable Temperature Indicator

    Internal laser target guide and Type-K compatibility make this infrared gun a 2-for-1 lab powerhouse

    • Great for use in food preparation, clean rooms, electronics-where accuracy is imperative
    • Emissivity is adjustable from 0.20 to 1.00
    • HOLD functions allows time for user to record temperature readings, °F/°C switchable
    • Memory function stores MIN/MAX readings

  13. Snap-in Traceable Module with Probe

    Snap-in Traceable Module with Probe

    Panel-mount, practical instrument snaps into place or can be used free-standing

    • Valuable minimum/maximum memory records reading over any time period
    • Easy-read digital display with jumbo digits updates every second to maintain exact test results

  14. Humidity Radio Signal Remote Traceable  Thermometer

    Humidity Radio Signal Remote Traceable Thermometer

    Monitors humidity and temperature up to 100 feet away

    • Unit feature high/low alarms, °F/°C switchable
    • Data is transmitted every 30 seconds
    • Trend indicators show if humidity is rising or falling
    • Additional Traceable Humidity/Thermometer Remote Sensor Module (Cat No. 4381); may be set to channel 1, 2, or 3; total of three modules may be used with main unit 4380

  15. Humidty Remote Sensor Traceable Thermometer
  16. Memory Traceable Hygrometer/Thermometer

    Memory Traceable Hygrometer/Thermometer

    Maintain accuracy with do-it-yourself calibration

    • Microprocessor-based design provides unparalleled accuracy
    • Simultaneously displays both temperature and relative humidity on dual 1?-inch high LCD
    • 3 foot cable allows user to retrieve readings from hard-to-reach areas

  17. Workhorse   Traceable Thermometer

    Workhorse Traceable Thermometer

    Type-K workhorse with wide temperature range has new chip design for ultra-low cost

    • Recessed adjustable offset offers increased accuracy by allowing user to set thermometer to specific temperatures, in-house calibrations, or a particular sensor
    • HOLD function freezes display for easy recording of current temperature
    • Probe range (supplied with unit) -45 to 230°C; 3¼" stem, 0.2" stem dia, 30" cable; accepts all Type K probes

  18. Kangaroo   Traceable Thermometer

    Kangaroo Traceable Thermometer

    Pocket-size thermometer features handy cable storage and probe brackets for portability

    • Precision memory feature automatically captures and recalls minimum/maximum temperature readings over any time period, °F/°C switchable
    • Efficient alarm continues to sound every minute until temperature returns to non-alarm conditions

  19. Infrared Traceable Thermometer Gun

    Infrared Traceable Thermometer Gun

    Point-and-read gun provides temperature results of any surface in less than one second

    • Easy-read display is back-lit, has low-battery indicator, and tracks maximum readings
    • DATA HOLD feature freezes display and gives time to accurately record readings
    • Emissivity is 0.95 fixed
    • Unit can take measurements in °C and °F and includes auto-off feature

  20. 4472 Infrared Memory and Alarm Traceable Thermometer

    4472 Infrared Memory and Alarm Traceable Thermometer

    Innovative, 9-memory infrared unit with alarm meets every touchless temperature reading need

    • Nine memory sets of 4 values (MIN, MAX, ▲T, and AVG) are available and ready for recall
    • Distinctive audible alarm sounds when temperatures rise above or drop below user-set limits
    • Compact, 5-key unit takes temperature readings in less than 1 second, °F/°C switchable
    • Emissivity is adjustable from 0.3 to 1.0

  21. 4475 Mini-IR Traceable Thermometer

    4475 Mini-IR Traceable Thermometer

    Point-and-read, non-invasive IR mini-thermometer is super-reliable lab helper

    • LOCK mode allows for 60 minutes of continuous readings without holding key down, °F/°C switchable
    • Simple-to-set unit records minimum-only or maximum-only results for constantly changing targets
    • Fixed emissivity is precisely set at 0.95

  22. Pocket Infrared Traceable Thermometer

    Pocket Infrared Traceable Thermometer

    Easy-to-carry design is ideal for blood bank labs

    • Simple point-and-shoot operation, °F/°C switchable
    • Unit reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius of any surface—solids, semisolids, and liquids
    • Fixed emissivity is precisely set at 0.95

  23. Wristband Infared Traceable Thermometer

    Wristband Infared Traceable Thermometer

    Laser beam permits perfect sample target sighting

    • One button design makes operation easy
    • °F/°C switchable
    • Emissivity is 0.05 to 1.00 in .01 steps

  24. Type K Infared Traceable Thermometer

    Type K Infared Traceable Thermometer

    Handy infrared unit with Type-K probe delivers flawless °C/°F surface measurements every time

    • Audible, user-settable, high and low alarms signal out of range conditions
    • Memory permits recalling individually captured readings
    • Emissivity is adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00

  25. Infrared Traceable Thermometer Gun

    Infrared Traceable Thermometer Gun

    High-performance, easy-to-operate infrared gun has incredible 50:1 field of view

    • Instant, less-than-a-second temperature readings of any surface, °F/°C switchable
    • Ideal for food preparation, pharmaceuticals, field use, electronics, and safety inspection
    • Features minimum/maximum memory, average readings, and high/low audible alarms (Cat. No 4484)

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