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Shipping samples, food, electronics, or other goods can be risky without the proper equipment accompanying them to control moisture or monitor the temperature in the environment. Take a look at our products below to understand just how important each one can be to your moisture and temperature sensitive products.


Keeping your samples, food, electronics, and other goods dry is essential to retain their quality and performance. Our Humidity Sponge™ Indicators or Humidity Sponge™ Regenerables induce dryness in any environment and reduce the amount of moisture present in the air. Without them, condensation can form making your food mold or rot and it can also ruin your moisture sensitive electronics. Another option is to combing your Humidity Sponges™ with a Desi-Vac™ Vacuum Pump Container; they come in three sizes and are ideal for drying, preserving, storing, and even shipping your samples by removing the air inside the container with its built in vacuum pump. Rubber O-ring-sealed cover maintains the vacuum seal and achieves a vacuum of better than 200 inches of water (15 inches of mercury).

Discover all of our Desiccants and Desiccators options, visit our Desiccants/Desiccators section.

Traceable® Logger-Trac™ Thermometer

Aside from moisture and humidity, some goods need controlled temperature environments. Just a few degrees higher or lower then what you desire can ruin your food, samples, and other goods quickly. The problem is, how do you know if your goods have stayed inside the recommended temperature the entire trip? The solution is the 6450 Traceable® Logger-Trac™ Thermometer. Pre-set your Traceable® Logger-Trac™ Thermometer to specify in what intervals you’d like it to capture results and at what temperature range is acceptable for what you’re shipping and toss it inside your shipment. If at any time your environment leaves the temperature range you set it to, theTraceable® Logger-Trac™ Thermometer will change its status to QUARANTINE to let the receiver know that what they received is ruined or not safe to use.The Tracaeble® Logger-Trac™ Thermometer can also record results continuously for up to 30 days and the receiver may plug the device to their computer to view everything the Traceable® Logger-Trac™ Thermometer captured from the beginning of its journey until the very end.

Click to discover all of the 6450 Traceable® Logger-Trac™ Thermometer’s amazing features.



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