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Control Company Announces First TraceableLIVE® Liquid Nitrogen Monitoring Thermometers

Monitor liquid nitrogen environments from the cloud with remote notifications.

Webster, TX, July 6, 2017 — Control Company announced today the launch of TRACEABLELIVE®, Liquid Nitrogen Monitoring Thermometers (LN2), a companion device to its digital Wi-Fi connected Traceable® Thermometer. This marks the first TraceableLIVE® devices to remotely monitor the appropriate temperature range of materials stored in a vessel cooled by liquid nitrogen in critical, controlled environments.

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By inhibiting all biochemical activity, cryopreservation allows for the long-term storage of sensitive biological materials. Stem cells and other samples that cannot be replaced, should be stored at the lowest temperature with complete consistency. These cells and other sample materials are contained in cryovials, which prevent the materials direct contact with liquid nitrogen. Constant temperature surveillance help the samples maintain viability over long periods of time. Since the security, damage and spoilage of cells with a limited life span are major concerns, a liquid nitrogen filled container with submerged inventory racks or, dewar acts as a storage container. Dewars require accurate and reliable monitoring at all times. The TraceableLIVE® Liquid Nitrogen Monitoring Thermometer is an efficient device that meets that requirement in a cost-effective way.

"Adding the LN2 Monitoring Thermometer to the TraceableLIVE® line of products is a statement of our commitment to provide clients with a complete range of monitoring products for their critical lab environments,” stated Mike Blazes, CEO of Control Company. “We appreciate the benefits technology brings to today’s lab monitoring processes. It is our goal to continuously create and implement the best technology, so that our products can continue to evolve and provide the most accurate and reliable monitoring for the pharmaceutical, medical and research communities."

The LN2 cloud-connected device operates with the same Traceable® technology that the industry has come to depend on. The LN2 thermometers provide temperature monitoring through:

  • 4 calibration points;
  • Range -200°C to 105°C;
  • Accuracy of ±0.25°C;
  • Resolution of 0.01;

TRACEABLELIVE® Liquid Nitrogen Monitoring Thermometers (LN2)

By using the TraceableLIVE® devices with the app on a smartphone or tablet, or logging into an account by visiting on any browser, users are able to:

  • Receive Alarm event notifications and control alarm parameters
  • View data logging history
  • Give other team members access to specific devices or groups of devices

About Control Company

Established in 1974, Control Company has been a leader in the industry providing measurement devices off-the-shelf with ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations accredited by A2LA and being accredited ISO 9001 by DNV GL. Control Company is also one of the first to have ISO Guide 34 certified reference materials for conductivity standards and to introduce the first digital timer, first digital stopwatch, first digital thermometer and first digital hygrometer for the laboratory environment. At Control Company, we measure the conditions that matter, providing the continuum of Traceable® Excursion-Trac™, Memory-Loc™ products, and TraceableLIVE® services, and SAAS to the healthcare and regulated manufacturing pioneers who are developing therapies, bringing them to the world and providing the safest and most effective care possible.

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