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Food Manufacturing


When it comes to the Food Manufacturing industry, we understand the importance of safety and accuracy. The following Traceable® Products have been specifically chosen and created for optimal performance in your Food Manufacturing environment.

Traceable® Timers

Our Traceable® Timers have a wide range of abilities to make your life in Food Manufacturing much easier. Keep track of up to 4 different timing events simultaneously with our bestselling 5004 Traceable® Four-Channel Alarm Timer. If you prefer to have a timer that can easily be carried around, choose our 5045 Traceable® Digital Timer Plus. It allows a timing range of up to 100 hours and includes a convenient keychain for easy portability. Lastly, if you prefer a simple Traceable® Timer, the 5132 Traceable® Nano™ Timer is just as accurate as our 5004, and can count down or up to 24 hours.

For a full list of our Traceable® Timers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Timers Section.

Traceable® Thermometers

In the food industry, you’ll find that the temperature of food has to constantly be monitored while cooking to ensure that it is safe for consumption. We offer a diverse set of probes with a powerful range of features to ensure you get the one you need for your environment. Start off with the 4370 Traceable® Food/Waterproof Piercing Thermometer, capable of reading temperatures of up to 280°C, can withstand falls of up to 5-feet, and has an incredible 8” Stainless-Steel probe making it ideal for use in all situations. If you want to take your thermometer to the next level, the 6406 Traceable® Extra-Extra Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer includes a 10’ waterproof cable, an Extra-Long 20” probe, and a stainless-steel probe holder that makes it perfect for the constant measuring of large beakers/flasks, vats, pails, and drums. Lastly, we offer our 4470 Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun that allows instant temperature readings of any surface from a distance. Perfect for food, safety inspection, and any liquid or solid.

For a full list of our Traceable® Thermometers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Thermometers section.

Laboratory Tools

Preparing in Food Service requires the transportation of ingredients, the counting of merchandise, and your environment to be kept clean. Control Company offers a wide range of products in each category to ensure you find the perfect one for your environment. Take control of the 3080 Mini-Dolly Folding Cart and transport up to 265 pounds of supplies. When you’re done, it’s easy to store because it only weighs 20 pounds and it’s able to fold up. Next, count supplies with the 3130 Touch-Counter™. Each press of the Touch-Counter™ simultaneously marks and counts making it an essential helper when receiving inventory or shipping supplies. Lastly, clean up your area with the 2065 Premoistened Alcohol/DI Clean-Wipes™. It’s perfect for cleaning and disinfecting your area!

For a full list of our Laboratory Tools, be sure to visit our Laboratory Tools section.



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