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Traceable®  Dishwater Thermometers

To reach proper cleaning in your dishwasher, NSF standards require your dishwasher to reach a temperature of 180°F during a dish washing cycle. Ensure your dishwasher accomplishes this with the astonishing Traceable® Dishwasher Metal Thermometers. The Traceable® Dishwasher Metal Thermometers’ metal construction and waterproof seal allow it to take on heavy amounts of punishment ensuring it will live a long life in any dishwasher. Additionally, the Traceable® Dishwasher Metal Thermometers come with amazing features such as being able to read up to 302°F and min/max memories to report exactly how high and low your dishwasher performed during its cycle. Last but not least, two unique styles are available for the Traceable® Dishwasher Metal Thermometer. Choose the classic stem style, or the unique stand and clip style specifically designed to sit or hang in your dishwasher while cycling.

Ask us about our Traceable® Dishwasher Metal Thermometers today and discover how easy it is to monitor your dishwasher!

4202 Traceable® Dishwasher Thermometer

4203 Traceable® Dishwasher Thermometer



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