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Manufacturing Quality Lab

We understand that the well-being of your patients is paramount and that you need equipment that always produces rock solid results. Our Traceable® Products are ready to help you get the results you need.

Traceable® Thermometers

Countless amount of supplies and samples in the Lab need to be kept in controlled environments to ensure their reliability and safety. Keep all of them safe and monitor them continuously with our vast selection of Traceable® Thermometers. Use the 6412 Traceable® Platinum Ultra-Accurate Thermometer with stainless-steel probe to measure practically anything. It has an incredible temperature range of -328.00 to 932.000°F (-200.00 to 500.000°C) , a convenient HOLD button feature to freeze the current temperature being measured, and a 10’ micro probe to ensure you can reach almost anything. For something you plan on keeping in one spot for a long time, we recommended our 4039 Traceable® Water-Proof Thermometer °F/°C. Its 10’ cable with a 5” stainless-steel probe, suction cups, and Minimum and Maximum memory make it the perfect device to monitor any liquid, air/gas or semisolids in freezers, water baths, incubators, and refrigerators. Lastly, our incredible 6440 Traceable® Memory-Loc™ Datalogging Thermometer is king when it comes to capturing temperature observations. Its unique features allow it to capture over 1 million readings, store up to 10 unique alarm events, and safe guard every reading by locking your temperature observations forever.

Click any of the following products below to discover all the features each Traceable® Thermometer contains.

For a full list of our Traceable® Thermometers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Thermometers Section.

Traceable® Humidity

Humidity is another element that has to be controlled in your environment and it’s paramount to have Traceable® Products constantly checking to prevent disaster. Start with our 4040 Traceable® Thermometer/Clock/Humidity Monitor. This multitasking workbench monitor is perfect to place in any environment as it is constantly displaying the time, and detecting and displaying the temperature and humidity. Not only that, but it’s also features a memory feature which allows the 4040 to recall its highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings over any time period. If you’re looking for an alarm with your Traceable® Humidity product, the 4410 Traceable® Dew-Point/Wet-Bulb/ Humid./Therm. Alarm is sure to please. This unit is capable of reading all of the listed traits in its name, includes a MIN/MAX memory to recall the highest and lowest readings for all ranges, and includes a visual and audible alarm that activates when the unit detects a range out of the set parameters set by you. Finally, for the ultimate Humidity unit, grab a hold of the 4085 Traceable® Humidity/Temperature/Dew-Point/Frost-Point Meter. Its impressive temperature, Dew Point, and Humidity ranges allow it to be used in hoods, clean rooms, food storage, incubators and much more with easy and accuracy.

Click any of the following products below to discover all the features each Traceable® Humidity unit contains.

For a full list of our Traceable® Humidity units, be sure to visit our Traceable® Humidity Section.

pH Buffers

Traceable® pH Standards, Certified Reference Materials, are 100% compatible with all instruments and probes making it incredibly easy to detect if a calibration is in order. We offer both our Traceable® pH Buffer Standards in 16 ounce bottles to pour in beakers for testing or our convenient Traceable® One-Shot™ pH Buffer Standards that have wide pop open lids to easily, quickly, and conveniently check any instrument or probe quickly. Both versions come in pH Values of 4.005, 7.000, 7.416, and 10.012 and accuracy for the Traceable® Buffers at 25°C is ±0.010 pH—the most precise available.

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