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The industrial environment is one of the toughest environments to work in and it’s also one of the most varied environments in the industry. Regardless of these challenging circumstances, we have Traceable® Products ready to make your life easier in any environment.

Traceable® Temperature/Humidity

The temperature and humidity in your environment affects your employees, equipment, and supplies. You’ll need to monitor your refrigerators/freezers , clean rooms, supply closets, work areas, and more to ensure nothing overheats, freezes , or gets covered in condensation. We offer many Traceable® Products that specialize in specific areas but also offer others that are highly versatile and can read several different properties at once. Some features include having wireless capabilities, able to read temperature, humidity, and time simultaneously, loud alarms to alert you of trouble, min/max memories, and so many more. Below are Traceable® Products specifically designed with your Industrial environment in mind. Click on any of the Traceable® Thermometers or Traceable® Hygrometers below for details.

For a full list of our Traceable® Thermometers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Thermometers Section.

For a full list of our Traceable® Hygrometers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Hygrometers Section.

Traceable® Clocks

From analog to digital atomic, Traceable® Clocks are the ideal, static time-keeper for your industrial environment. Simultaneously keep track of time, ambient temperature, and humidity with many of our versatile Traceable® Clocks. Traceable® Analog Clocks clearly display the time with bright sweeping hands and Traceable® Digital Clocks display the time with rich, dark, and sharp text to ensure the best visibility. Best of all, Traceable® Atomic Clocks receive a radio-signal from NIST’s Colorado atomic clock automatically to provide you with the exact time accredited to national standards.

For a full list of our Traceable® Clocks, be sure to visit our Traceable® Clocks Section.

Traceable® Infrared Thermometers

When you need a temperature reading but you have a liquid too hot to touch or an object too far to reach, draw your Traceable® Infrared Thermometer towards your target and fire away to receive accurate results in less than a second. Our Traceable® Infrared Thermometers can reach temperatures of up to 1832°F (1000°C), can display MIN/MAX/AVG/DIF readings, MIN/MAX memory, memories, alarms and so much more.

For a full list of our Traceable® Infrared Thermometers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Infrared Section.

Traceable® Stopwatches

In your industrial environments, you’re always looking for ways to improve the speed of tests, your workflow, and your production speed. Count on a Traceable® Stopwatch with jaw dropping accuracy and rock solid features to get you across the finish line. We offer up to nine different timing features in our strong line of Traceable® Stopwatches and we also manufacture several waterproof and shockproof varieties to ensure a long life in even the worst environments.

Below are the Traceable® Stopwatches we recommend for you, but you can view all of them at our Traceable® Stopwatches section.

Traceable® Light Meters

Without proper levels of lighting throughout your environment, the risk of accidents and injuries rise dramatically. Examine your light levels and promote a healthy work environment with Traceable® Light Meters. Our Traceable® Light Meters rise above the rest with their extensive range of features. These include a highest, lowest, and average reading, the ability to read in lux or foot candles, the ability to read UV light, a HOLD button to freeze the current measurement, long cables, Data logging, Data transferring capabilities, and so much more.

For a full list of our Traceable® Light Meters, be sure to visit our Traceable® Light Meters Section.



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