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We understand that the well-being of your patients is paramount and that you need equipment that always produces rock solid results. Our Traceable® Products are ready to help you get the results you need.

Traceable® Timers

Tests are constantly taking place in your environment and you need Timers that are able to keep track of several events accurately and sometimes simultaneously. Below are the timers we feel will best take your environment to the next level.

For a full list of our Traceable® Timers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Timers Section.

Traceable® Thermometers

Medicine, patient’s samples, reagents, specimens, vaccines, and much more need to be in controlled refrigerated environments constantly and having them a few degrees off can ruin them entirely. Be one step ahead by asking about our Traceable® Thermometers. Our Traceable® Thermometers help prevent disasters by having all the necessary features you need to alert you before disaster strikes. These features include glycol filled bottle probes that provide accurate temperatures of your liquids, large displays so you can see results far away, minimum and maximum memories to notify you how high and low your temperature became, wireless capabilities to obtain results from other rooms, and much more.

For a full list of our Traceable® Thermometers, be sure to visit our Traceable® Thermometers Section.

Laboratory Tools

To keep your workplace running efficiently, organization is key. Counting samples, storing them safely, and keeping your environment clean all help in keeping your workplace running more efficiently. We offer a large variety of counters to keep track of samples or tests, assorted wipes that are able to clean in all environments, and slide cabinets with slide holders that can hold up to 400 samples.

For a full list of our Laboratory Tools, be sure to visit our Laboratory Tools Section.



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